WalkMe's users provisioning stands-on two parts, users and roles for accounts.
This API enables to get and update the users and roles for each account.


To use WalkMe's API's you must have a valid user and a relevant role for yours account.
There are two ways to define users and roles for an account.
One way, by using WalkMe's UI. Only customers admins are able to do so.
Another way, by using WalkMe's User Provisioning API.


First, you should use the Authenticating API request.
Only defined users are able to use it, so, if you don't have a defined user,
Talk to yours admin, and ask to get user keys and a role.
Later-on, after you able to connect to the Authenticating API request,
You will get temporarily token for 24 hours, each time.
Now, you have the ability to use the User Provisioning API.


User Provisioning API basically let's you the ability to CRUD (create, read, update and delete),
Your-own users and roles for each, with an automatically program, without messing with the UI.
So, for example, let's say that each time that someone create a new user at yours Salesforce,
You like to create a WalkMe's user, then in this case, you should use the User Provisioning API to create it automatically.


The SCIM API is used by SCIM-enabled Identity Providers (IdPs),
to automate provisioning of WalkMe users within an account.
The WalkMe API is based on version 2.0 of the SCIM standard.
It's possible to write your own apps and scripts using the SCIM API,
to programmatically manage the users of your account.

Supported SCIM User attributes

Users in the SCIM API map to sub-users in your WalkMe account.
Each user contains properties called attributes, like userName.
You can list sub-users, add new sub-users, update a sub-user's attributes, or remove a sub-user entirely.

userNamestringThe WalkMe username for the user. UserName should be in a valid email format.Required
passwordstringThe default initial password for the user if SSO is not activated. The user is enforced to change password after initial login.Optional
name.givenNamestringUser first nameRequired
name.familyNamestringUser family nameRequired
externalIdstringExternal identifier (generated by the SAML SSO provider). If exists, this maps to the users’ NameIDOptional
idGUIDID generated by the WalkMe SCIM endpointRequired
accessRoleGUIDID of the user’s access role. If not set the default shall be Content CuratorOptional
allowedSystemsarrayList of system GUIDs that the user is allowed to access. If doesn’t exist, the user will not have access to any systemOptional