Tracking user progress and completion of certain tasks can be monitored with WalkMe API. By calling this API, you can track which tasks have yet to be completed. This can be useful if you want to trigger a ShoutOut to remind the user to complete certain tasks, or to collect data on completion rates.

WalkMeAPI Functions
WalkMeAPI.getTasks() Returns an array of all Tasks
// Example Task Object
  Description: null,
  Id: 7912,
  Index: 0,
  IsCompleted: 1,
  Name: "Learn to Use WalkMe API",
  RelatedDeployableId: 9812, // Id of WalkMe content
  RelatedDeployableType: 7, // Indicates type of WalkMe content
  Settings: {}

// Start a Shoutout if a Task is still not completed
var tasks = WalkMeAPI.getTasks();

if (!!tasks[1].IsCompleted) {
  // Show a Reminder to complete Task