event_nameString. Max length 500 chars.Yes

With WalkMeInsightsAPI.track(event_name), you can easily track any meaningful events on your website or application in Insights. A custom event can be any event that you chose to report to Walkme, for example, it can be an event that is not available in the application and triggered by a back-end process. Once invoked, the event is sent to Insights.

WalkMeInsightsAPI will be available as a member of the window object whenever there is a WalkMe snippet on the page.

Rate Limit: 20 submissions per minute. Any excess calls will result in an error: Error: CustomEventSender: Call quota exceeded

// Example of WalkMeInsightsAPI.track('custom_event1') payload
    "time": 1580910184268,
    "type": "custom",
    "sId": "9984de76-40d5-acee-b8ee-88ef5212febf",
    "wm": {
        "uId": "0f2dd3be5003459cd69708",
        "euId": "e0f01d96-d0a35-87aa-09cd8",
        "euIdSource": "Cache",
        "permId": -1,
        "cVars": [null, 0, 0],
        "env": 3,
        "interactionGuid": "29c4ac28-e80e-3ac5-21d829e",
        "platform": 1,
        "cseuId": "782eb3a7-2081-911f-3f3cb"
    "env": {
        "browser": {
            "name": "Chrome",
            "version": "79.0.3945.130"
        "os": {
            "name": "Windows"
        "mobile": false,
        "screen": {
            "height": 627,
            "width": 1903
        "timezone": -120
    "ctx": {
        "location": {
            "protocol": "https:",
            "hostname": "www.hostname.org",
            "pathname": "/"
        "isIframe": false,
        "visitId": "b42d17696ab97631faa253978fa576ff",
        "title": "Page Title"
    "version": {
        "lib": "2023-1620-126ac",
        "pe": "5.0."
    "ctm": {
        "kv": ["default=custom_event1"]