Users in the SCIM API map to sub-users in your WalkMe account. Each user contains properties called attributes, like userName. You can list sub-users, add new sub-users, update a sub-user's attributes, or remove a sub-user entirely.

userNamestringThe WalkMe username for the user. UserName should be in a valid email format.Required
passwordstringThe default initial password for the user if SSO is not activated. The user is enforced to change password after initial login.Optional
name.givenNamestringUser first nameRequired
name.familyNamestringUser family nameRequired
externalIdstringExternal identifier (generated by the SAML SSO provider). If exists, this maps to the users’ NameIDOptional
idGUIDID generated by the WalkMe SCIM endpointRequired
accessRolearrayList of roles the user has.
For example [“publisher”, “contentEditor”,“admin”]
If not used, the user will have no role based permission restrictions.