Starting and stopping Walk-Thrus can be done by utilizing the following client APIs. Some example usages:

  1. Starting a Walk-Thru with a custom element
  2. Starting a Walk-Thru at an intermediary step when certain conditions are met
  3. Stopping a Walk-Thru when certain conditions are met
WalkMeAPI Functions
WalkMeAPI.getWalkthrus() Returns an array of all published Walk-Thrus.
WalkMeAPI.startWalkthruById(walkthruId, stepNumber) Start a Walk-Thru by its Id with an option to start a specific step.
WalkMeAPI.stopWalkthru() Stop a Walk-Thru.
// Example Walk-Thru Object
  CustomField1: null,
  Description: null,
  Id: 124909,
  Index: 6,
  Keywords: [],
  Name: "How to Use the WalkMe API",
  Visible: true

// Start a Walk-Thru from the beginning

// Start a Walk-Thru from the 4th step
WalkMeAPI.startWalkthruById(124909, 4);