WalkMe API was created to allow customer to integrate WalkMe Platform with their internal or 3rd party systems,
Allowing customer to automate some of the internal processes.
If you would like access to the following APIs,
Please reach out to your Admin Manager to help setup your account in order to gain access.
The Admin may create users and keys, and give the users roles for WalkMe's API's in the Admin page.

API Base Url

WalkMe API v1 is available on https://api.walkme.com.
For EU customers the API is available at https://eu-api.walkme.com

WalkMe provides the following server-side REST APIs

User Provisioning API - For the provisioning of WalkMe users
Multi-Language API - Import & Export Multi-Language translation files
Self-Hosted API - Download self hosted files
Checksum API - Get the checksum of published content

HTTP response codes

200SuccessRequest was successful
201CreatedRequested resource created
204No ContentReques was successful, no content returned
400Bad RequestGeneral validation error
401UnauthorizedToken is invalid / expired
403ForbiddenToken is valid but cannot be used to access the API
404Not FoundResponse specific to user search, user is not found
409ConflictResource (user) key is already being used
5xxServer ErrorServer error, contact walkme support