Launch Flow Tracker


Displays the flow tracker

Check the snippet details


If this command returns anything, then we know that the snippet is present in the site. If it doesn't return anything, the snippet is either not present or not loading at all (the snippet could be disabled or otherwise blocked). It could also mean that the snippet was added, but modified in some way that it won't work.
Sometimes this command will include a "Remove WalkMe reason" if WalkMe was prevented from loading by a specific cause.

Check why WalkMe removed itself


When WalkMe removes itself, it should save the reason under this property. Can happen for example when the chosen storage method fails, and when the "Don't load WalkMe if User IDentifier isn't found" box in Editor->Settings->Features is checked.

Check which WalkMe environment is being loaded


Returns a value indicating which environment loaded:
Other=Custom Environment

Check the end user GUID


Returns the value associated with the current user, as used for Analytics purposes. All Analytics gathered on the current user will be logged based on this value. Useful for debugging Analytics issues.

Clear local storage


Clear local storage

Get Launchers information


Returns all Launchers available for this account. Much like WalkMeAPI.getWalktrhus(), you can then inspect the Launcher objects returned for more information

Check extension information


Returns an object with the extension's information (such as its guid). If the extension is blocked by a Whitelist, this will return 'undefined'.

Check if extension is enabled


Returns true if there's a WalkMe extension installed

Retrieves URL of frame (useful for iFrames)


Get all SWTs information


Returns all SWT available for this account. Much like WalkMeAPI.getWalktrhus(), you can then inspect the SWT objects returned for more information

Check if WalkMe is loading Mobile Web content


3 = mobile web is loading
Undefined = regular web content is loading
"Not defined" error = WalkMe isn't loading at all